Identify and mounting Cinder Volumes in Openstack Heat

I\'m back playing with Openstack again. The day job once again Openstack based, and as of last week my lab is all Openstack too. While oVirt is awesome, I felt like a change.

Anyway, the meat of today\'s problem comes from the day job. I have some instances …

Bootstrapping a Puppet master

Installing a Puppetmaster is a bit of a chicken-egg problem. We want to have our environment as automated and slick as possible, but we currently have no tools installed to to so.

So what do we actually need to install and configure for our Puppet master:

  • Puppet
  • Hiera
  • R10k
  • Git …

Installing and Managing Sensu with Puppet

As promised in the previous post, I thought I would share my Sensu/Puppet config. This is based on the Puppet infrastucture I decribed here so everything goes into Hiera.

For reasons best known to me (or my DHCP server) my Sensu host is on

First …

DevOps Terminology

Talking to a few people there seems to be a little confusion over the various stages in the deployment pipeline. Specifically there seems to be a little confusion over 3 things:

  • Orchestration
  • Provisioning
  • Configuration Management

These seem to have got rather mixed up of late. I will put the blame …

Installing RabbitMQ on CentOS 7

Very quick as I did not find any good solutions to this on Google. This is actually an interim post as I ran across this while configuring Sensu in my lab. A full post on that, along with configuring it with my Puppet set up is coming.

RabbitMQ is in …

Open Source Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged seems to be all the rage at the moment. VMware\'s announcement of the EVO:RAIL has naturally got lots of tongues wagging. They are jumping into a market already well populated.

I was looking at the pricing/features and though it all looks a little expensive. Nutanix for …

My Pythony Puppet Ruby vim IDE

My Pythony Puppet Ruby vim IDE

Despite my penchant for tools written in Ruby (Puppet, Gitlab, Jekyll/Octopress etc) I do not actually like Ruby. I am more of a Python guy. I also like Vim, so whenever I use a GUI IDE I end up with something littered with :w and ZZ.

Despite my pythonic …

Install Microsoft TrueType fonts on Fedora

Install Microsoft TrueType fonts on Fedora

Fedora do not bundle Microsoft's core Truetype fonts for licensing reasons. Normallly I do not care, personally I prefer Liberation fonts anyway. However, today I needed Verdana.

Traditionally, the way to install these on RPM based distributions has been:

  1. Grab the RPM spec file
  2. Build an RPM from the spec …
Super Slick Agile Puppet for Devops

Super Slick Agile Puppet for Devops

With a superb buzzword laden title like that, then I reckon massive traffic boost is inevitable.

Puppet is my favourite Configuration Management tool. This is not a post to try and persuade anyone not to use Ansible, Chef or any other. What I want to do is show I build …

New Linux Active Directory Integration

This used to be quite complex, but now is astoundingly simple. Now there is a new project call realmd. It is in recent version of Debian (Jessie and Sid) and Ubuntu (since 13.04). For Red Hat types, it is RHEL7 and Fedora (since 18).

If you\'re on Debian …