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I just Fixed the pro-peloton disc brake problem

There has been boo-hoo-hooing the last few days about an injury sustained by Francisco Ventoso at Paris-Roubaix.

disc injurt

Yes that spongey looking bit is his bone. It is seriously nasty and the UCI have re-banned disc brakes as a result.

However, the fact is that disc brakes are a lot better …

If you are affected by DROWN you are an idiot

If you are affected by DROWN you are an idiot

Drown is the latest vulnerability in OpenSSL. Essentially it allows an attacker to decrypt your TLS session and get data out of that session.

The thing is, it is based on a vulnerability in SSLv2! Here lies my problem with this: SSLv2 has been known to be insecure for …

Using EYAML with Puppet 4

Happy 2016 all

This weekend I finally got round to adding eyaml support to Puppet in my lab. What is on earth am I talking about?

Puppet can use a thing called Hiera as a data source, think of it as a database for configuraion. In an ideal world, your …

Got some new cycling gear

Got some new cycling gear

I\'ve been shopping! I\'ve recently bought myself a new pair of pair of bib tights (for the full Dave Lee Roth effect) and a new jersey. More specifically I\'ve bought DHB Vaeon Roubaix padded tights and a DHB Windslam jersey.

DHB is the house brand of online …

How I Classify Puppet Nodes

The basics of defining what modules get applied to a particular node is really simple in Puppet. Out of the box you just use the hostname and the FQDN and everyone is happy. You find this everywhere in documentation, blog posts, presentations, etc. However is has a problem: scale.

What …

My Openstack clients stopped working

My Openstack CLI clients stopped working, this is how I fixed them

All Backup Solutions Suck

Recently I have been working a lot on a backup solution at work, which has been a painful experience to say the least. Why? Simply because there is no solution that meets my ideal requirements. These are pretty precise:

  • Open Source
  • Openstack Swift as a backend
  • File level restores
  • Scalable …
Upgrade Openstack from Juno to Kilo

Upgrade Openstack from Juno to Kilo

It's a process that strikes fear into the hearts of Sysadmins everywhere. This weekend I finally got round to upgrading the Openstack cluster in my lab to Kilo. As I have no spare machines lying around (Intel NUC/HP Microserver/similar donations welcome) I did it in place.

Did it …

Send mail from Gitlab through Mandrill using Postfix

Send mail from Gitlab through Mandrill using Postfix

I am a fan of Gitlab. While Github is great, and I use it heavily, one should never be 100% reliant on the whims of a for-profit company. After all, their agenda is not the same as mine and could chang in the future. I also use it for projects …

Got a New Saddle

Got a New Saddle

I recently got myself a new saddle. The one that came with my Felt F95 was starting to rattle on its rails which was driving me, and my riding buddies, insane. We are all engineers, so OCD is a shared problem we have.

Anyway, while scanning through my favourite non-local …