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Kubernetes Metrics Server Problem

Kubernetes Metrics Server Problem

A simple fix for something quite annoying. I set up HPA on some deployments and it did not work.

HPA uses the metrics-server to decide when to scale a deployment, but the logs for the metrics-server pod were saying:

unable to fully collect metrics: unable to fully scrape metrics from …
Lezyne MiniGPS Review

Lezyne MiniGPS Review

Surprisingly for someone that is a professional geek, I actually do not really like having stats in front of me when I ride my bike. As such for years I have been happilly using a basic wireless computer from Decathlon. It was small, simple, cheap and I only changed the …

Clean Old Exported Resources From Puppetdb

Exported Resources are great, but also suck. If you are not careful how you tag them, you can easily end up in a situation where you have duplicate resources on a node. Of course this will mean that your catalogue will fail to compile.

Normally, old exported resources are cleaned …

Extend cached Logical Volume

You cannot do this directly for reasons that I have not tried to understand, but I suspect "it is hard" may have something to do with it.

The process is:

  1. Mark your cached LV as uncached
  2. Extended your LV
  3. Recreate your cache

Simple, except there are some gotchas. The process …

Vision Team 30 comp review

Vision Team 30 comp review

For the last few months I have been rolling on a set of Vision Team 30 Comp wheels.

These are an entry level set of wheels that are aimed at commuting and training. They have a slightly deeper profile than most other wheels in this price range (below €200) which …

Consul Prometheus and Puppet

Recently I've been playing around with Prometheus. For now I think it is the best open source solution for monitoring (in the same way that chlamydia is probably the best STD). Previously I was a fan of Sensu, but honestly there are just too many moving parts to go wrong …

Playing with Docker Swarm Mode

The big announcement of the recent DockerCon was 1.12 integrating Swarm. As far the as the ecosystem goes that is quite a game changer, but I will not be dwelling on that. I am just going to regurgitate what others have said and add a few bit of my …

Spiuk Z16R

Spiuk Z16R

I seem to be writing more about cycling than anything else at the moment. I even have some more posts lined up on the subject, but there are few IT related ones coming too.

Anyway, I just got these the the other day to replace my old Scotts that had …

Open Source and Cycling

I love both Open Source and Cycling, but the 2 do not ofen meet. In fact the cycling industry is incredibly secretive and dominated by patents. It is one of the major reasons that it is very hard to enter the groupset market (for roadies there are 3 major brands …

Letsencrypt with Apache and Puppet

Using Puppet to manage Letsencrypt certs and Apache VirtualHosts